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Hi Geoff!
Firstly I want to tell you that some of your latest songs are really good. I think that you don't know is a super good song.
And secondly I want to ask you what I need to get the T-Ride guitar sound.
I know that I've asked you about this before but I want to see if there is anything else you remember from the T-Ride guitar rig. 
What kind of amps did you use?
How did you manage to switch so fast between all the effects?
Did you use the Rat pedal when you guys recorded the CD
What kind of guitar pickups did you have?
I wish you a great success with your new band & tour.

One last question: Can you buy Dan Arlie's latest music on CD or something else?

- Geoff Tyson is the best/coolest guitarist in the world -

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Hi Geoff, over the years since T-Ride have you played any T-Ride covers in your sets with the  bands since(I know you did You & Your Friend w/SRC) ?
Do you still use effect pedals or use rack effects or straight to amp and rock?
If you attempted some T-Ride covers now would you try to incorporate some effects to get "the sound" and what would you choose pedal-wise to get there?

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